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Ecowater Golden Gate Well Drilling - Naples, FL

Ecowater Naples - Golden Gate Well Drilling - Common Well Water Problems

Golden Gate Well Drilling Ecowater - Naples, FL

Golden Gate Well Drilling Ecowater - Naples, FL

We provide SOLUTIONS for:

AESTHETIC SUBSTANCES - Mostly harmless contaminants such as chlorine, sulfur, iron and manganese that cause taste, color, staining and odor problems.

SEDIMENT - Solid particles that settle out over a period of time.

HARDNESS - A common water quality problem caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium (limestone) in water. Hard water causes scaling of pipes and hot water heaters, plumbing fixtures, etc. It makes cleaning and laundering more difficult.

COLOR - Yellow or brown colors by the leaching of decaying vegetative matter found in soil.

TASTE AND ODORS - Musty, earthy or woody taste and odors found in groundwater.

SULFUR - A naturally occurring objectionable substance which contributes a "rotten egg" like odor to drinking water and is also known to be very corrosive to plumbing products and materials.

ACIDITY AND ALKALINITY - Acidity and alkalinity is commonly measured as pH. Neutral pH is 7.0, while an acid pH is below 7.0 and an alkaline pH is above 7.0. Extreme ranges in pH may cause water to be corrosive, unpalatable and objectionable.

TURBIDITY - Turbidity is suspended matter (particles) found in water that gives a cloudy or opaque appearance. Sand, silt, clay, colloidal and related material contribute to turbidity. Heavy turbidity levels are also used as an indicator of possible sewage contamination.

TRIHALOMETHANES (THMs) - THMs are the first organic chemicals regulated by the SDWA. THMs are a byproduct of the chlorine disinfection process. THMs are formed when chlorine reacts with other organic compounds in water. THMs are known carcinogens and have been linked to bladder cancer.

MICROBIOLOGICAL PATHOGENS - Waterborne organisms that are known to cause disease in humans. Common waterborne pathogens include fecal coliform, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and microbial cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia.

RADIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES - Radium and its related cousins may be found in groundwater supplies. They are known cancer causing substances in humans. Radium exposure is through drinking and cooking while radon exposure is normally through inhalation. They are both regulated by the SDWA.

CHLORIDES - Saltwater intrusion into wells can cause an increase in chlorides. The water will have a salty taste and is corrosive to pipes and plumbing fixtures. High levels can lead to hypertension. SDWA safe level is below 250 ppm.

* These substances may not necessarily be in your water but you should have your water tested by a qualified laboratory to be sure!

Golden Gate Well Drilling offers an array of water treatment equipment to ensure healthy water for you and your family.


Each system we install is customized to treat our client’s specific water problem. Following a simple water analysis, our technician will determine precisely what you’ll need to have high quality, clean water.

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